Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Hero

     In class today we talked a lot about "the hero's journey". About how nearly every hero in the history of story telling went through somewhat of a similar journey/adventure/quest throughout their story. This leads me to a different question: who exactly is my favorite hero? My favorite super hero's are The Question, Iron Man, and Captain America, but are they truly my favorite heros? No, I would say not.
     I would have to say that my favorite "hero" by far is RC-1136 otherwise known as "Darman". The only problem is that he is one of the few that don't match the mold of the hero's journey. In the hero's journey the hero finds himself up rooted from where he lives, thrown into a world he doesn't know, learns from a wise mentor, and eventually saves the world. Darman does none of this. Darman is from the novel Hard Contact by Karen Traviss, a novel that takes you farther in depth to the world of Star Wars. Darman is a soldier, a clone, born and breed for fighting. In the novel he does just that, fights a war...he doesn't meet some mentor or anything, in fact he doesn't save those he could have in the end. In the end he messes up, makes the wrong choice. Darman is an example of a hero that doesn't take the hero's journey, at least how it is normally defined. The problem is that tradition heroes are not trained for their journey, Darman was....

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