Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Notes on Hamlet

Ok, so in my AP Literature class we are reading a little play called Hamlet. So far we have finished up Act III and are beginning Act IV and the play is starting to reach the exciting portion. Through Act I through Act III we have met some interesting characters, Hamlet, Hamlet's father, King Claudius, and even the fair Ophelia. The basics of the story goes as follows. Hamlet sees the ghost of his dead father (also named Hamlet) and the ghost tells him that he has been murdered and the murderer is Polonius, an advisor in the King's court. Hamlet hatches a plan to try and prove Polonius is indeed the murderer that involves Hamlet acting raving mad and a performance from some ok actors. During the performance Hamlet judges Polonius as guilty and kills him to finish up Act III. Act IV begins with King Claudius wanting to send Hamlet away incase Hamlet reveals the circumstances of his father's death. A quick summary in less than ten sentences. Truthfully I haven't really been interested in the play till Act III, the first couple of Acts just seemed a little dull to me but now that things begin to pick up as Hamlet extracts his revenge I can see my interest beginning to peak.   

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