Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Welcome To AP Lit

Dr. Preston's Initial Orientation

 credit for the video goes to ThunderBolt Studios

     Lets see, oh ya...Why am I taking this class. Well truthfully part of it is because it is an Advanced Placement class that will help me in my goal of being accepted to a good college. However there is another reason for me.
     Over the course of my high school "career", as many teachers call it, I have been writing. Not for school or for any sort of reward but just for fun. I have started at least three novels but never really making to much progress in any of them. The plots are fully developed, the characters are there in my mind, and the settings have all been selected but whenever I find myself at my computer I can't seem to get it from my head to the keyboard in front of me. I just end up staring at a blinking curser on the screen. The farthest I have ever gotten in my novels is the chapter four.
     This is what I hope to change with this class. We all write things because we are required to, for example these three paragraphs, but these novels are my creation and I hope that this class will help me to organize my thoughts better and allow me to continue writing my novels. Maybe one day I might be able to become a published author.


  1. Very cool that you credited the source of the video. Who/what is Thu[n]derBolt Studios?

  2. Oh, that is Josh Montero's Youtube channel. He makes a lot of videos both for school and for fun. Many students will recognize his movie series "The Package" from the film festival.