Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Brave New Classroom

     A Brave New World is basically a novel that depicts a dictatorship that rules a people forced to share a similar belief and to use technology in a uniform manner in our life. Anyone who defies this manner is considered weird and to be looked down upon. In this English classroom, I can observe how it seems exactly like a a Brave New World. Everyone is classified as an Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon...we are given a rank and expected to preform accordingly. Technology controls the way that we live and learn (or at least how we are expected to). In the classroom technology is used to force us to share the same ideas or suffer (a lower grade). Everyone is expected to think the same but a few quietly resist. Like Bernard Marx some follow the motions of this world and are thinking differently. They are looked down upon and punished till they accept the way of thinking. We are given the illusion of individualism...especially in this specific classroom...but in the end we all are forced to experience this Brave New World.


  1. Illusion? Phooey! You ARE all individuals-- how's the hovercraft coming? :)

  2. Good, I meant more in the sense of a traditional classroom and a structured curriculum. As per the hovercraft I got together all the material and need to finish the wiring for the remote control.