Thursday, April 4, 2013

Slaughterhouse Five Essay Questions

1. Explain how war affects modern life and society as it did in Slaughterhouse Five.

2. Free will is often described as an illusion. What are your views, is free will an illusion or do we choose our own path? The authors? And how did he convey these view points.

3. Sometimes lies form the basis of our society. What are the roles of lies in Slaughterhouse Five? Is the role positive or negative? How about in our society?

4. "So it goes" Explain the role of death in the societies of Slaughterhouse Five? What is the role of death in our society?

5. Time travel is a propionate part of the novel. Putting the science of time travel aside, how does this mix-up of chronology affect the story. Why is the proper order so important? Why must things be in order?

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