Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gridlock #3

We fear the silent darkness of the night,
Afraid the stars that slowly roll about
Might suddenly grow dim, and flicker out.
And so we hold each other ’til the light;
Asleep, or rocking madly in delight
Of one another’s moans and shrieks and shouts,
That fill the silence, blocking most our doubts
About eternal love, or guiding light.
Our music roars and echoes through the dark,
Like wine-dark viol, silver cymbal spark.
We exhale love songs in each other’s souls,
A manic chorus easing worldly roles,
Love’s noise explodes, then blazes in our eyes,
And hides the deathly silence of the skies.

of poem means

   Sonnets from Space, this is a collection of sonnets. The individual sonnets don't have titles, but the name of the collection seems quite obvious...these sonnets are from space.

parts of the Poem

It is dark out in the world and we are afraid of it.
Our fears block the best of the world and love and hope fade into the dark.
We can fill the silence, however.
Music, love, art, all hide and fill the darkness.

of some of the words – changing literal meaning to implied or associated values

Light, spark, these are meant to illustrate the joys of life.

What is the attitude of the author, characters or yourself?

The attitude is nearly switches. It at first seems dismal and depressed but then turns into a hope-filled, positive outlook on life.

At first we think or feel one way – then there is a shift:  identify the shifts and explain them

The shift comes about in the verse break. Shifting from a dark and dismal attitude to one of joy and hope. Dark to light. A sort of cons and pros if you will.

Title revisited
Any new insights on meaning or significance of title?

Space, for this sonnet means a darkness that can only be filled with the joys of life. We make it what we chose to.


I like to think that the theme of the sonnet is that we make life what we put into it. If we choose to put nothing into it then it will give nothing but sorrow. If we fill it with joys then our lives will be "full".

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