Tuesday, April 23, 2013


From Sonnets from Space
Where are those strings that hold us in our place?
Are they dimensions of our seeking heart,
The twanging notes of some canonic art?
An unexplained arpeggio out in space
Might be what brings a cadence to the race.
Vibrations change, have changed right from the start,
And can’t be placed by writings of Decartes
Or Heisenberg; the measures move apace.
“There are no Gods,” some physisists have mused;
Still, with religion, science is infused.
As long as mystery surrounds the stars,
We all pontificate, debate in bars,
And hope for music of eternal peace,
A universal chord that will not cease.

     By the seventh go through with this sonnet I began to get a little tired of it. It is one of my favorites but anything can get a little dry after the fifth or sixth time. By the seventh time I began to think more about how many people fight over these very topics. Science, art, religion...they all contradict each other. Order and logic verses the soul and imagination. Think about the conflicts these subjects have caused.
     Seven run throughs. It makes you read into the words more than you originally would have, and maybe at times more than you should have. 

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