Saturday, November 24, 2012

Allegory of the Cave Sonnet

The Greek philosopher Plato once wrote
Of some men who spent their time in a cave,
A prison in a location remote.
Some stayed, in ignorance, till their grave
While others left to explore the world.
There are some who feel ignorance is bliss
Others wish for knowledge to be unfurled,
Leaving the cave is a chance they won’t miss.

Knowledge or ignorance it is your choice,
To turn from the cave or be released.
To leave is to follow your own voice
To stay is to let free thought be deceased.
When you decide to stay or to leave
Make sure to think long and hard, choose wisely.


  1. Good job on rhyming your words and showing the concept of the allegory that Plato wrote.

  2. I like your sonnet... however the only thing is the last two lines have to rhyme in a sonnet don't they? Anyways I think you got a good grasp of the concept of the allegory and you did a good job!(:

    1. I don't think so, I could be wrong but from what I can gather no.

  3. Great! You are one of the few so far to remember the iambic pentameter required to write the sonnet. Deep and strong understanding of the allegory showed in a skillfully written sonnet.

  4. Very well written and compelling! Great job on actually following the sonnet structure with the use of iambic pantameter!

  5. Very nice job with the meter of the poem. It could just be that I'm viewing this on an iPod but I think the spacing of your stanzas is off. I read it a few times and it diesn't look like it goes abab cdcd efef gg. I do like that you included reference to the author. Good job. Could you comment to my blog as well please?

  6. I like how it rhymes and flows one line after another. Summarizes the plot of the allegory.

    Please comment on mine.

  7. Great sonnet! I like how you summarized the allegory in your sonnet. Very good sir!

  8. The structure was nice and it really showed what the allegory was all about. Awesome!

  9. Nice summary of the allegory! The way you broke the sonnet up confused me a little, but that is obviously a minor detail!

    Could you please comment on mine?

  10. Good job! I like how you wrote your sonnet and rhymed almost every word.

  11. Great job on the sonnet and using iambic pentameter.

  12. great sonnet!
    i dont have questions on the sonnet so far
    my blog is

  13. Nice Job! Different perspective. Simple but straight to the point.
    Comment on mine plz?!!? :)

  14. I commend you for using iambic pentameter! Good job summarizing the allegory of the cave. Good sonnet.

  15. I love how you mentioned Plato. It felt like you were teling a story which was nice. Awesome job!