Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sonnet Analysis Part I

Well I decided to change my sonnet here because well frankly Hamlet wasn't exactly cutting it for me. I chose this sonnet from SONNETS FROM SPACE By George Motisher instead because it reflect me a lot better than Hamlet did.

The universe is mostly empty space, a fact quite predominate in this sonnet. The sonnet is basically reaching into that question that many of us ask each other: "Have you ever wondered why we're here?" We spend our time on this planet creating art, music, and literature, but what affect does this have on the universe at large. We sit in the edge of the galaxy lost in the universe so what can we do? As a person? As a species?

Between the galaxies so far apart,
Among the stars and planets of the night,
There’s emptiness to give our souls a fright,
To leave us with a vacuum of the heart.
Although we call in space with words and art,
We try to beam our thoughts to cast a light,
And send our love to make the blackness bright;
The unmapped darkness still leers from our chart.
There’s so much emptiness, it goes beyond
Our dreams, our hopes, our hearts so overfull;
Few lights reflect across the endless pond
Of space, so infinite, and past our pull.
Though love, I’ve heard, can last eternally,
Can it fill up a bleak infinity?

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