Thursday, November 8, 2012

Big Question

Everyone has a "Big Question" that they want answered. For some it is philosophical questions like "who are we?" or "what is art?"and for others it is things the that they wish they could do like "can I time travel?"My question is, I guess, a little bit like the latter because I hope to be a part of answering it. My question is "What is the future of space travel?" 

The modern solid rocket thruster has put man on the moon and sent probes across the solar system but now isn't it time for something new? I like to consider myself a man of science so I pose the question in a serious manner. Science fiction has always had us believe that we can travel faster than light even though currently it looks to be impossible. So with that faster-than-light travel off the table, what else can we try? Worm holes are another suggestion, little short cuts you can take across space. The best way I can explain worm holes, with my limited understanding, is a piece of paper. Traveling across it to get from point A to point B would be business as normal while folding the paper in half so A and B are closer together would be going through a worm hole. Or we can forget worm holes and try to travel by microwaves. Firing microwaves from a station at a "sail" of a spacecraft to propel it through the cosmos. Or maybe ion engines shooting ions out the back of the spacecraft to get forward momentum. 

I may never get to know what eventually happens between man and the cosmos, discoveries relating to space travel may not happen anywhere near my life time, but it is my hope that I can help to solve the question that plagues my mind: "What is the future of space travel?"

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