Thursday, November 1, 2012


Today we were told to look for other courses to expand our own Personal Learning Network. These are what I came up with. Not all exactly have to do with the content of Hamlet but the approach to teaching Hamlet.

Ok this first one is truthfully not a different course than our own, rather it is a teacher's perspective on Hamlet. It is an overview of a teacher's opinion of the benefits that learning Hamlet has on students. To me it helps put into perspective just why we are put through what some students consider a punishment worse than death. Along with this teacher's perspective also comes a short summary and study guide.

Next we have a similar blog to that of our course blog. The major difference is that it is used in the fashion that most teacher use the internet and not how we use it here at Righetti High School. This teacher uses the blog to post reading schedules and homework while our counter part (Dr. Preston) uses the blog to basically teach the class. It is interesting to me to see the two different approaches side-by-side.

Third up on the list is a group of students Dhahran High School that acted out Hamlet on their own. I assume that the video was part of a project assigned to class but visual learning is always a great help. Especially when it isn't just a picture dictionary or something along those lines but an actual video.

Fourth up we have something that isn't exactly course work. I wish I could have found a play that is currently playing but I think this still shows my point. It is one thing to watch a video and another thing entirely to watch a play. Hamlet in this setting is its natural habitat. Hamlet is a play.

And finally to finish up my little learning network I have a college's resource guide to the world of Hamlet and Shakespeare. From here I can find nearly anything I need to know about Hamlet and Shakespeare without having to go through hours of frustrating searches.


  1. I particularly like

    due to, as you said, the similarities to our own blog curriculum/structure. Good Work :)

  2. You go way more in depth with your paragraphs than most of the other kids in the class. Great Links BTW