Thursday, January 10, 2013


What is the significant about the title?

Siddhartha is the main character of the novel. The name means "one who attains their goal". This is Siddartha's goal in the novel, to attain his goal, which is to fine meaning in his life.

What are some of the themes of the novel?

One theme of the novel is to fine who you are in life. To find your own path and remember you are your own person.

How does Hesse reveal character in Siddhartha?

Not quite sure. I would need some more examples of characterization from the novel to answer the question.

Siddhartha believed that wisdom could only be attained by experience. How did his experiences lead him to nirvana?

Again I would need more examples of the plot to answer the question.

Describe the three stages of Siddhartha's life, and how all three stages were necessary for his attainment of wisdom.

Without reading the novel it is hard to answer this question.

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