Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Why did Charles Dickens write the novel you're reading/reviewing? What in your analysis of literary techniques led you to this conclusion?

Well I am reading Great Expectations. Truthfully I do not like questions like this because you can never really know if they wrote it for the metaphorical deep emotional message about life that we are taught are in every work of literature or Mr. Dickens got bored one day and though "Maybe I can write a novel while we wait for television to be invented." but I will do my best.

I feel like Charles Dickens wrote this novel to illustrate the idea the money doesn't exactly make you happy. That money actually leads to nothing but unhappiness in life. "Money is the root of all evil". The literary techniques that led me to this are the author's tone, style, the plot, structure, and metaphors through out the novel.

The main plot points and characters that illustrate my conclusion of the reason for Dickens's writing are as follows:

  • Miss Havisham, is the most depressed and lonely character in the world of Great Expectations though she is the wealthiest.
  • As Pip becomes wealthier and more successful he finds himself becoming more and more unhappy. He finds himself alone more than ever.
  • Jager, he basically embodies what I'm talking about here. He is a rich, bitter person, who isn't exactly leading the funnest of lives.

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